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I’m planning to make a real estate purchase. Why is it important to review the title commitment provided by the title company?


A title commitment is a document prepared by a title company that creates a commitment to issue a title insurance policy.  A portion of the title commitment establishes the items that are “excepted” from title insurance, which means that these exceptions are not covered by the policy. 

Whether you are purchasing residential or commercial property, it’s vital to understand the exceptions and determine whether you are prepared to accept the items that are excluded from coverage.

For example, the prior owner may have entered into an agreement with another party that requires maintenance fees to be split for a road used by both parties.  There could even be a historical easement that runs directly across where you plan to build. 

Buyers should consult with a real estate attorney to ensure that they are aware of the impact the exceptions have on the property and determine if they can be revised or removed prior to closing.

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