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I need to evict a tenant.  What are some things to be aware of? 

If you’re a landlord, evicting a tenant can be stressful.  And even if you have strong reasons to pursue the eviction, the process is complex. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington State Legislature made significant changes to the state’s landlord/tenant law.  These limited your rights as a landlord and gave tenants robust rights. 

This is where you’ll need to do your homework.  Depending on the reason for the eviction, you’ll have a list of deadlines to meet and actions to take.  It’s important to understand those.  If you fail to take the appropriate actions in the appropriate sequence, the eviction lawsuit could be dismissed and you might be ordered to pay all of the tenant’s attorney’s fees and litigation costs.  That could be devastating.

Sound legal advice will help you avoid costly mistakes and make the process less stressful. Court Hall is one of the attorneys at Lukins and Annis with extensive experience helping landlords successfully navigate the eviction process.  Let us know if we can be of service. 

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